Class 2

A very warm welcome awaits you in Class 2 at St. John’s from our mixed aged class of Year 1 and Year 2 pupils, and their Teacher Mr Shingler.

Mr Shingler has a lovely Learning Support Assistant, Mrs Grant, who supports in the mornings. They work together to ensure a smooth transition for Year 1 pupils, from the Foundation Stage to the National Curriculum, and to make sure Year 2 have lots of opportunities for challenge to extend their learning.

 Having mixed age classes is a real bonus for us as it means we can offer challenge to some and a little more support for others where needed.

 In Class 2 the Rigby Rockets reading scheme follows on from Dandelion Readers, and continued from Class 1. As a minimum we aim to change books at least twice a week, provided book bags are placed in the reading boxes. Additionally children must have a clear understanding of what they are reading and not just be proficient at decoding and applying phonic knowledge. This is where the questions on the back page of your child’s reading book are really useful in guaging their understanding.

Guided reading takes place frequently throughout the week with a member of Class 2 staff. Your child will be heard reading every week, but it may during this focus time rather than their home-school reading book.

Spellings are set on a Friday and tested the following Friday. For your information here is the Class 2 Timetable Sept 2016 Homework is also set on a Thursday and is usually linked directly to learning. This could be anything from Maths, English, Science or Topic work. Sometimes we may set a half term ‘Passion Project’ as an extra special piece of homework, this can be as creative as you like!

Below you can find Curriculum Overviews for Class 2 called Medium Term Plans (MTPs). These will be added on a half-termly basis. Just click on the title and the pdf should open.

Autmn Term 1 Superheroes MTP

Autumn Term 2 hall-of-fame-mtp

Spring Term 1 Toys MTP

Spring Term 2 Happily Ever After MTP

Summer Term 1 dungeons-and-dragons-mtp

Summer Term 2