About Us

St. John’s is a small school, we are a family and we like to think of ourselves as a ‘Hidden Gem’ within the community.

Our school aims state that through the very nature of our Catholic community, is to give every child the opportunity to develop an increasing awareness of Christian values as understood through the teachings of the Catholic Church, and thus grow, as confident and caring Christians, nearer to God.

We aim, at the same time, to offer a curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and coherent and which leads each child towards adulthood, with a confident, enquiring mind.

It is a Curriculum which recognises the broad requirements of all and the needs of the individual in the following objectives:

  1. Continuing spiritual awareness.
  2. Sound use of and an increasing pleasure in all areas of language – speaking, listening, reading and writing, utilising the literacy strategy and any other suitable ways.
  3. Sound understanding of, competence and enjoyment in both practical and recorded mathematics, utilising the numeracy strategy.
  4. Careful observation of the influence of and process of change within the environment, rational thought about and confident use of scientific evidence.
  5. Awareness of learning experiences and acquisitions of skills through developing technology.
  6. Responsible attitudes concerning personal health, and confident expressive physical development.
  7. The potential to make thoughtful, caring and appropriate moral decisions based on gospel teaching.
  8. Thought and expression, which is creative and recognises the same in others.
  9. Knowledge of human achievement and social change, their effect on the present and potential influence for the future.