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At St. John’s we love to read!

At St. John's we love to read! Staff are committed to fostering a love of reading to ensure pupils engage in positive and inspiring experiences. Our pupils are exposed to a wide range of stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction texts to promote the development of reading and to encourage a love of reading. Reading is at the heart of our curriculum and drives all learning at school. Our Reading Page is dedicated to showcasing our pupil's achievements as well as providing useful information for parents and carers about how we teach reading at St. John's. 



Please read our Reading and Phonics Policy. This will inform you about how we teach Reading and Phonics in our school and outlines our vision for the subject. 

Our Virtual Author Visit!

Virtual Author Visit

Class 2 and Class 3 enjoyed an amazing Virtual Visit with the famous author and illustrator MP Robertson! The children enjoyed touring his writing/drawing workshop, they listened to his stories and asked lots questions about his job. Class 2 and 3 then finished with a FANTASTIC Dragon Drawing Workshop! 

A brilliant day was had by all involved and we definitely have some budding authors and illustrators here at St. John's. 

Home Reading Book Expectation - All year groups

This is Class 1's amazing Reading Suitcase. It goes home every week for families to enjoy a story and talk about it. It even has some little treats for when you are reading!  

Please find more about our Recommended Reads below

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This week's recommended read comes from Mrs Cornes! She recommends 'The Glasgow Gruffalo' because it reminds her of where she grew up!  She read this to Class 2 and they absolutely loved it! They have been trying to perfect their Glaswegian accents all afternoon. 


"Where ye afftae, wee broon moose? D'ye fancy some scran in ma highrise treehoose."




Our KS1 Reading Café
We had a fantastic morning at our recent Reading Café for KS1 and Early Years. Everyone enjoyed a hot cup of cocoa and a book with their parents or older children. It was great to see so many parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles! We look forward to the next Reading Café for our KS2 pupils.