PE Funding

Action Plan – 2016/2017

In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for
PE and sport. From this, a typical school will receive about £8,300
annually in the academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15. Schools are free to
determine how best to use this money. Ofsted suggest using the money in
areas of PE that include:

  • Improving the quality of PE and sport provision.
  • Improving the breadth of PE and sport provision.
  • Increase participation in PE and sport.
  • Develop healthy lifestyles and enable all children to reach their potential.

For the academic year 2016/2017 -Our aim is to provide as many high quality
opportunities for children as possible while looking for ways to make this
provision (and its impact) sustainable in the future.

Prior to this academic year an audit of staff skills and needs was conducted
(all teaching staff) and an audit of pupil skills and needs was made.

We felt that our areas for development lie in:

  • The quality of the teaching of dance.
  • The quality of the teaching of athletics.
  • The quality of teaching of swimming.
  • The opportunity for all to compete and achieve in dance, athletics and swimming.

Following this audit, the PE coordinator has put together an action plan, in
order to meet the needs of our school and use the funding with as much impact
on the children’s learning and fitness as possible.

In consultation with link governor for PE, Stafford Catholic Primary Schools
(MAC )PE Lead, the following actions have been proposed:

Focus area How? Cost? Success criteria

* Invest in high quality provision to meet statutory “adventurous activities and team work” criteria in NC.


Whole school offered organised out-of-school adventurous activity programme- UKS2 PGL centre 1 week, LKS2 & KS1 2 day residential visit to Entrust centre.



Parent cost, pupil premium to support PP children, £10 per pupil for KS1/LKS2 x50


£25 per pupil UKS2 x24 £600


Whole school is given opportunities for outdoor, adventurous activity led by qualified and specialist trainers.

Fitness and motivation increases

Children with identified needs are supported and developed.

Ofsted target – improved sustainable provision.


Introduce & increase the number and variety of afterschool/lunchtime clubs available (extra-curricular)


Football training after school KS1 & 2 (SS)

Netball training KS2

Delivered by LSA/CT


Parents/Pupil premium to meet cost.

1 hour per week x24wks £264

 Continue to teach ‘Motor Skills’ PE session to SEN/ identified pupils (whole school)


Delivered by KL(SS) 2 hours per week- 1hr supported by LSA as CPD

(Until Christmas)

36 wks@£30per hour £2430

8wks@£11 per hour


* Continue to develop the ‘Play Leader Scheme’


Pupils to be taught how to lead groups and run lunchtime sports. Friday slots as above Included in above cost

* Training for all staff on identified area of CPD need.


*PE conference attendance to update whole school.


From Jan 2017-July 2017 SS teacher/CT to plan and team teach 6/7 week programme of PE to all classes to upskill and support staff.

JH to attend PE conference and feedback to all staff.


24wks@£30 per hour





Skills of support staff enhanced.

Afterschool provision is made available for whole school throughout year (at no cost to parents)

Quality first teaching delivered to whole school



* Continue and Develop inter-school competition further with

Stafford Catholic cluster(MAC)

*PE coordinator to attend MAC cluster meetings termly. (after school)

*School Games – sports day KS1 and KS2

Equipment renewed and added to


GF replaced as SCS competitions coordinator.

All competitions attended plus SSSP Swimming Gala and other local tournaments.


£400 –levy


£0.50 per pupil levy medals/materials




No cost to school





* visits from sports men/women

* Target training/opportunities

for G&T pupils


Local sports professionals to visit.

Continued liaison with local clubs to support G&T pupils.

£200 Pupils inspired and motivated.

G&T pupil’s achievement is supported by school