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Book Bingo

At St John's Catholic Primary School, we want to support our pupils to develop opinions and preferences in relation to the type of texts they wish to read, authors they prefer and which genres engage them the most.


To support this, each year group has a list of recommended books and target authors for the children to experience. Through this initiative we aim to expose our pupils to high quality texts that focus upon a range of themes in order to broaden their experiences, expose them to new vocabulary and support them in making decisions about which texts they choose to read and why this may be.




We want our pupils to develop a life long love of reading and for them to experience a broad range of authors and texts.  


We do this in school through carefully selected texts that are used within our English lessons and story time but also want our pupils to be able to develop these skills independently.



Our Book Bingo sheets contain a variety of suggested texts for each year group to support the children in making their own selection of texts for their 'Reading for Pleasure' books. 


Please click on the icon below to find the recommended texts for each year group. We can't wait to hear all about who your favourite author is or if these is a book that your particularly enjoyed (or didn't enjoy - why do you think this may have been?).