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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!


Welcome to Class 1 with Mrs Fyfe, Miss McMullin and Mrs McPherson! 


Welcome back! We have all settled back into our class routines extremely well.

I am so excited for a fabulous year ahead in Class One and I’m sure all of the children are enthusiastic to spend another academic year challenging themselves further.

We are very keen to promote a love for reading and books at St Johns and therefore require parents and carers to leave a weekly comment in your child’s reading diary. By doing this we can work together to help support your child’s reading and comprehension skills develop.

As a reminder to parents and carers Class homework will be given out on a Friday afternoon and is required to be returned back to school by the following Wednesday. This then allows for the necessary time for marking.

In Class One our P.E lessons are on a Tuesday and a Friday. It is important that your child has the correct PE kit in school and can therefore partake in all of the exercise and fun.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Our Weekly Routine Reminders:
Our PE Days are: 

  • Monday and Friday. Please ensure that your child's PE kit is in school and ensure that any earrings are removed prior to the lessons.
  • Please try and read with your child as much as possible in short bursts (e.g. 5 minutes per day) and sign your child's reading diaries to let us know how they are getting on, then we will be able to change their books. We try to read with the children every day in school. 


In the field - Hatching!

11th May 2020

Class one have had an amazing day to day! They were able to watch the process of how a chick hatches from its egg. The children have been so excited. We talked about how the chick uses its egg tooth to break the shell. They were able to see this happening as the chick broke the shell and used its body to push its way out! We had to wait some time for the chick to dry out before we could put it in its egg-aloo under the heat lamp.

In the field - The arrival of our chicks

27th April 2020

Last week Class One had a very special delivery! We have an incubator and some eggs and the children are very excited about hatching some chicks. This afternoon we have completed the candle check on our eggs after looking after them for seven days. We have used a special torch to identify which eggs have baby chicks growing inside them!

In the Field

Class 1 have had some tiny visitors in school today! We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Hooley for bringing in two lambs from her farm.

Mrs Hooley spoke to the children about the lambs, they have learnt a great deal about how the lambs are fed and where the lambs are kept. The children have learnt that when a lamb is born and they “baa” their mother can instantly recognise their baby from a large group just by the sound they make. The children also learnt that the lambs are born with teeth! They learnt about how a lambs tail is made smaller to help keep them clean as they are grazing in the field (The lambs have a band placed around the longer part of their tail which then falls off creating a shorter tail).

The children then had the opportunity to hold one of the lamb and feed one of the lambs with their special milk.

What a fantastic experience!

Curriculum Vehicle - In the Night Sky

Still image for this video
Our learning this term has been focused on our Curriculum Vehicle “In the night sky”.
Our end product for our vehicle was to create our own planetarium and have a picnic under the stars. Here is an overview of the exciting learning opportunities that out nursery and reception children have engaged with during Autumn term.

The Planets in our Solar System

Class 1 have been learning about the different planets in our solar system. The children have looked at a model of the solar system to see how the different planets move around the sun. The children have learnt that the sun’s gravity helps the planets stay in place and stops them from floating away.

The children then became a solar system. We used the planets that we had made to move around the sun (yellow table). To support the children’s understanding.

Neil the Egg Astronaut!

The children received a message from the space headquarters, one of their lead design engineers needed help from class one! The children’s mission was to build a landing capsule for Neil the egg astronaut. The children had a variety of different materials to chose from and they could only select two items from the materials table. The children had to keep Neil the egg astronaut safe and stop him from breaking on his Earth landing. Once they had built their landing capsule, the children made a prediction of what they thought would happen to Neil the egg astronaut. They drew a happy expression if they thought Neil would not crack and a sad expression if they thought Neil would crack.
Once the experiment was completed the children unwrapped Neil to see what had happened to him. They then recorded their findings using a happy and sad expression.

Landing Experiment for Neil the Egg Astronaut!

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Designing a Moon Buggy

The children had been exploring space in their Moon buggy, until disaster stuck! The wheels and the engine flew out of the Moon buggy, causing the Moon buggy to stop working!

The children’s space mission was to design a new Moon buggy to use on the moon and then create their design selecting the different materials, tools and techniques. The children had to consider how they would shape, assemble and join the different materials together to create their moon buggy.