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Class 3

Class 3

Class teacher: Miss Haslegrave



Welcome to Class 3 with Miss Haslegrave!



This term we will be learning about:



In Class 3 we use Power Maths to drive our maths learning. This term we will focus on multiplication and division, as well as fractions this term. We will be learning lots of different things such as making a whole with fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, as well as using fractions to help us solve problems! We will continue to practise and use our multiplication facts.



We will be exploring lots of different types of writing in our English lessons, we are currently focusing on writing our own instructions, and we will also be spending time studying our next key text which is 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. We will practise spellings, handwriting and reading skills daily in Class 3.



This term we are studying the Old Testament in detail by exploring the different books which make up with the Old Testament in the Bible, and exploring the many different stories such as Moses and the burning bush. We will study what these stories teach us about christian life today.