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Welcome to St. John's English Page. English is at the heart of our Curriculum at St. John's and our pupils enjoy a wide range of experiences throughout their time here. Our aim is for every child to love all things English and experience a vast range of texts to inspire them both at school and at home. Throughout their time at St. John's, our pupils have many opportunities to read, write, orally compose, perform and act out stories and non-fiction texts. We are proud of our English Ethos across the school and how it intertwines with our other exciting curriculum areas! 

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Virtual Author Visit
Class 2 and Class 3 enjoyed a wonderful Virtual Workshop with the famous Author, MP Roberston! MP Robertson told us all about his job as an author / illustrator. He showed us round his workshop, read stories to us and provided a Dragon Drawing Workshop. The children then went off and described their dragons in great detail. 
"My dragon has dangerous eyes and fierce flames coming out of his huge mouth". Megan Aged 6
"My dragon has a dark green body with golden spikes". Jacob Aged 5