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What our Children say about us

What our Students say about us 


"I really love that everyone works together and we are all friends. – Millie 


"At St. Johns we are more than pupils and teachers, we are one big happy family." -  Didee


"I love that we get different specialist teachers for different subjects, like in French." - Evelyn


"I like everything about school everything but I like writing the most."  - Hugo


 "I love seeing all of my teacher and learning about science at St John’s. I love to read and have fun with my friends too." - Susie


"I love all the fun things we do. I loved it when we made a pretend campfire and the wolf came, it was like we were the Three Little Pigs. I also love Fred Talk because I love reading the words." - Arthur


"I love playing with my friends because we are all best friends and help each other at St John's."  - Alivia


"I love going to school because it is my favourite. I love painting, phonics and building." - Hardy