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What our Children say about us

What our Students say about us (December 2020)


"St. John's is really special because you learn so much. Ever since I came to St. John's it has been the best school I have ever been to in my entire life."

Didee (age 6)


"This is a school that is a really nice school because we love every person and it is the most fun school. We do lots of fun activities."

Evelyn (age 6)


"Our school is a wonderful place to learn. All the children have a smile on their face throughout the day. We do fun and engaging subjects. My favourite part of this school has to be the teachers because if you are stuck on something they will help you. If you are hurt they will help you. If you have anything on your mind you can talk to the teachers. I enjoy coming to this school because I get to see and make new friends."

Oscar (age 9)


"St. John’s is an amazing school because each day there are challenges for us to complete. The teachers make lessons fun and engaging. I love coming to school because we have specialist secondary teachers for: History, Science, RE, Art and French. If you are worried about anything you can always talk to the teachers."

Katie (age 10)


"I love St. John’s because I like all of the teachers and I love how they treat us all."

Sophie (age 6)


"I love St. John’s because the attitude here is always positive and encouraging. We believe in mutual respect. All that is expected of you is to try your best and never give up. Ever since I entered Class 1 my life has been a journey. I hope your children experience the journey I have had at St. John’s."

Izzy (age 10)


"I like St. John’s because I like reading and I love our new library!"

Mille (aged 6)


"I love learning about our curriculum vehicles. Our school is very good because we do lots of fun learning like DT and Art."
Celia (age 7)


"I like the teachers at St. John’s because they come up with so many exciting things for us to learn about."

Mary (age 7)


"I love St. John’s school because it is always welcoming to anyone who is new."

Isabella (age 6)


"I love this school and I have lots of friends. I love all of the teachers."

Phoebe (age 6)


"I like this school because everyone is so kind. When I first came to this school I felt welcome."

Zara-Leigh (age 6)


"I like St. John’s because every lesson is engaging and fun even though it is a good challenge. I like that Mrs Cornes makes learning interactive and will always help you.  I really love coming to St. John’s!"

Jai  (age 11)