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Before and After School Club

Welcome to the St. John’s Catholic Primary Before and After School Club

Following on from the great success of the breakfast club we have now set up provisions for after school care to support family’s needs for childcare outside of school hours for their children that attend the school.


Our mission here is simple, to provide first class care in a nurturing and stimulating environment for your child to begin and end their school day. We will warmly welcome children and provide them with nutritious breakfast in the morning and a snack in the afternoon. For children staying until 5:30 parents may pack additional food in your child's lunchbox if needed. Children will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities in both sessions to include, games, arts & crafts, and outside play when weather permits.


It will be essential to pre-book your child a place in our sessions and a registration form will need to be completed prior to a child attending the club. We do understand care may be needed on short notice however this cannot be guaranteed as staffing ratios will need to be arranged in advance.


If you have any enquiries you may contact the school office on 01889 343106.


Opening Hours & Pricing

Morning Session7:30 - 8:50am£4.00
Afternoon Session 13:30 - 4:30pm £4.00
Afternoon Session 24:30 - 5:30pm £4.50
Full Afternoon Session3:30 - 5:30pm £8.50


Fees and Payments

In order to guarantee your child a place you will need to book in advance so that appropriate staffing levels and resources can be arranged in advance. Fees are payable in advance on a monthly basis. Whilst there is some flexibility for short notice and emergency bookings we cannot guarantee availability of places. Parents who have not pre-booked their children into club will need to pay on the day. If you have any concerns regarding places or payments, please speak to a member of club staff.


Club Operating Areas

Breakfast club will continue to run from the school hall, with drop off via the side door entrance. The afternoon sessions will take place in the school hall, or the playground when the weather permits. From time to time other rooms within the school are used, for example, a classroom. Parents should still pick up from the side door entrance unless noted otherwise.


Registration Forms

Registration forms can be obtained from the school office and must be completed by the adult with parental responsibility for the child that is to attend. The registration form and any other additional documentation that is required must be completed and returned prior to your child’s first session.


Collecting Children

Your child’s safety is a top priority; therefore, we will only release your child to a nominated adult named on your child’s registration form. Your child will not be allowed to leave the club with someone unknown to the staff. If someone other than the nominated person is to collect your child, they will be asked to provide us with the password provided on your child’s documentation. In the event of an unforeseen emergency or delay please contact the club at your earliest opportunity. All children will need to be signed out and the time of collection recorded on the register before leaving the club with the authorised adult.


Uncollected children

Please ensure that your child is collected on time. In the event we have not been notified of any unforeseen delays by the collecting adult we will contact the emergency numbers on the child’s registration form. If by 5:45 we have not been able to contact an authorised adult to collect your child First Response (Children’s Services) will be contacted, as outlined in the Ofsted guidelines.



The Mission and Ethos set out by the school is fully supported by staff in before and after school care. Children will be expected to follow the same guidelines for good behaviour as they do in their classrooms. If a child has difficulty adhering to the expected behaviour guidelines the issue will be addressed by staff in a positive and caring manner. In the unlikely event that a child can not adhere to club rules on a serious or repeated basis parents will be informed, and the child’s place will be reviewed and possibly lost.


Equality and diversity

St John’s Before and After school club actively encourages positive attitudes towards everyone regardless of any differences. We value diversity and give equal access to all children regardless of race, colour, culture, religion, nationality, class, disability or gender. Equal opportunities are considered in all our activities and resources.


Parent / Staff Communication

Communication between staff and parents is of the utmost importance. We ask that parents notify staff as soon as possible of any significant changes in your child’s life, for example a change of address, telephone number, health details. If you have any concerns you would like to discuss with staff that you feel might have an impact on your child’s time with us we are always on hand to listen to any issues they may need addressed.

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