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English and Maths


In class 1, we have a termly topic. We enjoy linking our learning to a new topic each term with a variety of focus stories. We have a new focus story fortnightly to support our learning, love of reading and imagination. Throughout our topics, we will also discuss some non-fiction texts and look at how these can also support our learning.  



We follow the ‘Power Maths’ scheme which focuses on mastering key skills which will allow children to gain a secure understanding before moving on, thus building the foundations for future learning. During maths sessions, the children will use a variety of concrete resources and a variety of pictorial representations, as well as the abstract numerals that represent each number. Each term we cover a variety of units. In autumn, some of the units we focus on are numbers to 5 and exploring number bonds, change and comparing groups for these numbers. In spring, some of the units we focus on are numbers to 10 and exploring these in depth alongside addition and subtraction. In Summer, we focus on a range of units including counting on and back, numerical patterns and shape.